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The Mo Diamond Mining und the Diamond Cutter Manufaktur

Mo Diamond Mining was founded in 1927 by a member of the Junghans family and taken over by Junghans Group in 1999. The Mo Mining Company was first mentioned in a document in 1902 and registered with Junghans as the owner; it was founded in 1927.

We have been sourcing raw diamonds for many years and mining them in our mine in Africa. Due to the daily exchange with the stock exchanges and mines, we are always able to offer you prices in line with the market. Africa, Canada, Russia and Australia are first-class suppliers for raw diamonds, with these prices all diamond prices and demand are based. Our personal contacts to many other mines and the stock exchanges ensure that we constantly adjust our prices to the market.

Processing a rough diamond into a high-quality diamond with a laser requires a high level of craftsmanship and years of experience in handling lasers and the necessary software. After our processing, raw diamonds are turned into the highest quality diamonds with the highest quality and quality. This presupposes the daily handling of this product and the fact that you have access to your own raw diamonds in large quantities.

Our Diamond Cutter Manufacturer processes these rough diamonds for you, in perfection and in series. We have specialized in producing and delivering all desired sizes and qualities in large quantities. We only offer diamonds that come from our mine and for which a Kimberley process has been completed and a Kimberley certificate is available.

In addition, we guarantee that we only offer natural, raw diamonds that are processed by us according to GIA specifications and come from our mine in Africa.